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Do not put on Blinders
(Excuses for not needing a Home Inspection)

  1. It's  new construction and everything is perfect
  2. It's a Condo and the association takes care of everything
  3. The Real Estate Agent says Home Inspection is not needed
  4. The present owner will not allow it
  5. The property is being sold as is
  6. The listing price is a bargain
  7. The code Inspector for the city will find whats wrong
  8. Illinois has disclosure laws

Use a Licensed Home Inspector
(Reasons for needing a Home Inspection)
Magnifiying Glass
  1. New Construction often has many problems

    Many defects I find are not visible to the average buyer,as not only do most of us see a potential purchase thru rose colored glasses, but it takes a professional Home Inspector Inspector to see the problem.           
                                                                                                               Often the houses built by the big Developers are never even entered by the owners of the company.Developers sometimes have no knowledge of construction at all as all they need in the state of Illinois is a business license

    Lots of construction is done by the lowest bidder.

    Sometimes this means the materials are inferior , and the work done is sub standard.

  2. Condo Buyers pay for everything   

    Buying a Condo is no easy way out of the burden of repairs and maintenance.

    Inspectors are looking for the same problems one finds in a Home Inspection, as The Electrical panel needs to be opened up, to check for proper connections and semiconductors is just the beginning as the same systems in a house are also present in a Condo.

    One of the big problems can be in the Blower , compartment , where many people do not realize that even though it is in the walls ,they are responsible for all repair and maintenance costs.

    A Condo Inspection will look at all of the systems in between the walls of the unit, but a decent Inspector will also check as much of the common area as possible during the Inspection.

    You are paying for and responsible for your percentage of costs in repairs and maintenance of all common building systems and areas.

    Sometimes there will be a special assessment involved to pay for unexpected repairs.

    Try to avoid paying these and see how fast you get thrown out of the building , as nobody will pay your shareware unit will pay one way or another.

    So make sure you have a good Inspector whom will explain all this to you.

  3. Home Inspection is always needed

    If anyone, including your Agent tells you a Property Inspection is not needed , you should reconsider your relationship with that person.

    Due-Diligence is to look out for your interests and there is a duty to recommend an Inspection when buying any property, whether Home or Condo.

  4. Make sure your Lawyer has a ten day Inspection window in the purchase agreement                                

    Sellers should all understand by now, that a Home Inspection helps limit any future legal liability and should actualy encourage buyers to have the property inspected.

    The Home Inspection actualy protects all those involved in the sale.   

    Your purchase agreement should always include outlines for a Home Inspection, which includes a set time limit for the inspection and a list of defects to which the seller can respond.

    If not responded to the purchase agreement may become null and void.

    Always have a good Real Estate Lawyer write up a Purchase agreement that protects your interests.

  5. No Home or Condo is sold as is 

    Unless you plan on tearing down the entire structure,you should have an Inspection performed.

    You can make your offer contingent on inspection,and you should.

    How do you know as is property is not a money pit waiting for a taker?

    When spending a huge amount of money on anything , you need to keep both eyes open ,so you do not get taken.

    Never be penny wise and pound foolish.

  6. The price of a property may seem like a bargain but may not be

    Sometimes what seems like a bagain is anything but...

    A Home Inspection may reveal extremly costly problems in the way of repairs and maintenance that you never thought of.

    Make sure you also have the permit history checked, as if work was done without a permit then when you go to have anything done yourself the City or town you live in will check and require you to by the permit that never got approved, after which they will swarm in to see if everything was done properly , which could be quite costly.

    Do not forget that the price of the house maintenance on things such as AC , Heating , Utilities, Landscaping , etc: can add up.

    Take everything into account and forget nothing.

  7. City Code Inspectors often miss whats important

    Code Inspectors check for common safety Issues such as insufficient number of fire escapes .Says the Chicago Tribune.They do not access construction Quality of a residence.

    Municipal Inspectors are overworked and stretched thin which can lead to critical errors

    Says the Daily Herald and ABC/channel 7 news.

    The only thing code inspectors are in charge of is making sure contractors and developers do not do such a poor job that it is illegal says Nick Gromiko the founder of Internachi.

    The Dailey Herald and ABC/channel 7 news go so far as to say Always hire a Certified Home Inspector to go through a Home .

  8. Disclosure laws only protect when the seller knows and tells the truth.

    According to Illinois law a seller must attach a disclosure document alerting the buyer to any defects or hazards that the seller knows about.

    This includes basic house systems and things such as lead or radon.

    This law is only good if the buyer knows and tells.

    Most people have no idea as to the actual condition of their home as they are not trained in Home Inspection.

    Even if they were human nature is to make what is being sold look good to the sellers eyes and often do not take the disclosure laws seriously.

    The very fact that many things are found wrong at a typical Inspection is proof enough.